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December 22, 2013


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Feature *HUGE* (12/22/13)

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 22, 2013, 1:57 PM

Huge, huge, huge feature for Christmas!!!! Wanted to post this early just in case I was too busy on Christmas. LOL! I've been hunting all over DA. ^3^ Make sure to check all these artists~ Every single one is amazingly talented and deserves the attention!!! ♥ From anime, to digital realism, to pixel, to cosplay & makeup--every piece is just gorgeous! *u* Merry Christmas lovelies!!!!! :kiss:

KaitoxMaria_Winter Knight_VK by phonemovaCM - Anya Kuran by Nina-Mandarina:Pastel Goth: by Banana-BansheeEndora 'The Good Witch' Colours by Sarah-GiardinaCommission: Stolen moment by omocha-sanHMLS War: [3] Kill by RukaVermillion15Shade by Mizzizzi:: VERA :: by SangrdeINSOMNIA by scarlet-moon1Owl by heikalaSilent Stalker by NanFeThe icicle melts by ArbettaResident Evil 2 cosplay Claire Redfield by Vicky-RedfieldMermaid by KlaustrofoviaAnne Hathaway as Belle One Last Time: Revamp 2013 by Biro-boiRuyne by maohwolfHold my hand by Pinlin46 Alice by cyantimeSpore by RaliiDrift by LeliumojWind`s Fiancee by montiljoShantae: Half-Genie Hero! by EvilLilMonkRoxy ~Redux by OmnianceFA: Ahri by MesunariMerry Christmas! by vallariiLegacy Day Kitty Cheshire by meownyoMETAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE by IrenBeeWelcome to Mirkwood by CandraThe Little Mermaid by LonelyFullMoonSammy by kittroseStill Fresh by shambokThaw by MirageMariComission 25 by Sayara-SDiamond in the rough by milyKnight:Commission_Nyapowa: by RezwanaDimechLaura by MeganLaraMidna by anokazueRhi by caughtinthehurricaneBeautiful Creatures - Light Caster Lena by DeathatSunriseMoth Light by MortMorrisonPractice by MortMorrisonblue ocean floor by yukihomuPP-CM LadyMidnightSolace - Anya Kuran by NiseSkElectric Diva by Me9aLodonSunrise - Self Improvement Contest by BlueSoulberFOREST FAIRY by BlueSoulberAphina by ChiichannyC- Mio and Koga by MyangHimepalmtop tiger by raiisincommission: elemental goddesses by arisutanHD: Suit Up by sushi-rabuprince of pro wrestling by cooru58Pagedoll: Celestial and Romontea by Ang-nyanStrawberries + cream by VanillingThe times secret by xCyethBehind the mask by Kaizoku-hime+ Lavi + by MroczniaK+3D+ by kittysophieBLOOD AND GORE by chilluaChibi Commission for Steph-neechan by ShiranovaMiho Page Doll by Marui-tanSC : Boaz and Melinda by Seo-Jinp r i m a v e r a by Seo-JinSitting Pretty by Lil-Toxic-CandyRavey-Lecorientu-Commission by DearKyoumeChibi COM: Spring and Winter by hitogataElegant mystery by MichibanCupcakesCarmen Portrait by KimiCookieHades and Persephone by RgvetaDon't Cry by AruetsutoDeathBright by fayntcommissionsBring it on by Dark134~Purple~ by Sprinkle-of-glitterWhite OP Dress with a Ribbon by yolichanForest.. by Sakon04Mirai Suenaga by NeejaWishing you a Magical Day by QiirinBrumal by BronzeHaloBlanca by Muffin-DollT a p i o c a by BeagleCakesLuke Fon Fabre by BLACKlbutterflyLuner and Luna by P0PK0Katarina High Command by Ernanda-SouzaOC .:Sketch:. by aeirue-chanCelestia by MeloyeConfession by sunimuRo by slapmyfaceArt Trade: Osaka~ by KurikumaCom: Sketch Bust Pack for Chara-Katina by CuBurLara Croft - Tomb Raider Legend: Action by EilaireSober ? by Su-Wan~Smile~ by housemaidChibi Commission - Nayru by AliyuneCome and get it by furesiyaUnderthesea by UncrnpDigimon 02: Mimi and Yamato (warmth) by CT05Kissing Lessons by cioccoMELLOForest by ChillayHatred by NanFe[C:I:S1] Harmony by RaineSerynRun baby RUN by NefaireIC+G: Mikatsune by DeathlyDemiseGift - Chiiteru by miyako-mikuIC: trixychuu by koffeelamyou and me by SereruuHarmonious by buneepAT: Mimru by myaoh<da:thumb id="411850412"/><da:thumb id="413085181"/>IC : marionette by XiiaoLalahhxIcon Batch 2 by Nanami-YukariPixel Icon commision set 17 by Aisyera<da:thumb id="400531399"/>MAYGUSTA pagedoll by COGlTOPixel Esther by LaDollBlanche<da:thumb id="397999090"/>Icon Batch by QiuteaBDG: Ayami pixel dolly by RiuoriPixel Luna by tokkisuCirce by Chisariakaninjaa by okyiCommission: Luna Pixel by RehmielOCs -- a snack by onisuuNew character: Romontea by MimruC: maiSakura95 by papercharmBeckberry Gift by binoftrashD I G I T A L E Y E S [PIXEL] by LiliumLilyyComm: KraiKrai by Ji-YunnieMoar trees! by NotecjaLola Pagedoll by mochatchiTsurin by BronzeHalo

Candelabra (Purple Candles) by AngelicHellraiser

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MortMorrison Jan 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hello AngelicHellraiser,
I wish you a happy new year! Airborne 
Thank you very very much for your feature and the hole collection.
I found amazing new artists and inspirations Love 
I feel very honored Blush 

Thanks you~ :) You're very welcome. :love:
CuBur Jan 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the feature. Happy New Year~//<3 :tighthug:
You're welcome! :) You too~ :huggle:
Nina-Mandarina Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG Thank you so much!
It makes me proud to be featured among all this beautiful works, so many talented people.
Thank you :heart:
You're most welcome, dear. :) Your work is lovely. ;)
Sangrde Dec 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thanks a lot for the HUGE feature xD !!!
You're most welcome~ :huggle:
irissong Dec 27, 2013
Thank you very much for the feature! I feel honored to be featured among such an amazing collection of artwork. 
You're most welcome, Aster! :tighthug: Your work is amazing! It deserves a feature, especially among all these lovely pieces. ;)
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